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Dental Crowns
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Dental Crown in Post Falls IDDental crowns can restore a tooth that would otherwise be lost. At Woodland Family Dental, our team, including Dr. S. Welton and Dr. D. Welton, can build up and strengthen a tooth that has been compromised by placing a dental crown. We can provide you a crown that will look and feel like your other teeth, no one will ever be the wiser.

When Do I Need A Dental Crown?

Crowns can be a large expense, and frequently, even with insurance, a patient will bear some of the financial cost. So, when is a crown necessary? Dr. S. Welton and Dr. D. Welton recommend their patients consider a dental crown when:

•  A tooth has cracked or fractured: A cracked tooth can be very painful because it exposes the dentin layer that is beneath the enamel. In order to save a cracked tooth from needing to be extracted we need to place a crown.

•  A tooth is worn due to bruxism: A subconscious temporary dental disorder, patients with bruxism clench and/or grind their teeth while they sleep. Though this condition is often short-lived, there is often damaging effects that require a single or multiple crowns to restore the teeth.

•  Teeth that have large cavities: A large cavity is not only painful, but after we remove the decay, the space left may be too large to hold a filling, in that situation we may recommend a crown for long term restoration.

•  Placing a dental bridge: A dental bridge uses two crowns that are placed over two healthy teeth to serve as anchors for a false tooth, or multiple teeth, between.

•  Aesthetics: Whether you have uneven, worn, damaged, stained or just not the prettiest of teeth, we can place dental crowns to give you a perfect look. Patients can have instant straighter, even, without gaps, front teeth.

•  Dental Implants: If you have a missing tooth that you are seeking to replace, we can insert an implant post and then place a dental crown, giving you a flawless new tooth.

Crown Options

There are multiple material options available for your crown. We can place crowns made of porcelain, porcelain over metal, gold or ceramic crowns. The various materials each come with different looks, textures, and feels. Our dentists will review each of these materials with you to determine which crown is right for you.

Crown Placement

To place your dental crown, Dr. S. Welton or Dr. D. Welton will first need to reduce the original tooth to fit the crown. They will take an impression of the surrounding area to customize your bite and the ridges in order to fit perfectly in your mouth. These impressions are sent to a dental lab and your customized crown is ready in about two weeks. We will then clean the area thoroughly and cement the crown into place. During this process, your bite will be continuously checked to ensure that the fit is done well. Adjustments can be made as needed. From then on we will check your crown at every dental checkup, we can re-cement as needed.

For more information on dental crowns, and using them to restore damaged teeth, or to place over dental implants, contact our dentists, Sunnshine M. Welton DDS and David G. Welton DDS, at our Post Falls, ID 83854 office by contacting our front office at: (208) 254-4600

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