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Dental Bonding
Post Falls, ID

Our dentists, Dr. S. Welton and Dr. D. Welton, can make simple repairs to your teeth with composite dental bonding. At Woodland Family Dental, we can make small repairs including chips, cracks, discoloration and even gaps by applying and shaping composite material. This restorative procedure is fast, easy, painless and economical.

What is bonding?

To make these simple repairs we use the tooth colored composite filling material that you have seen us use to fill cavities. In the past, composite filling was not known for its strength and durability, but that is no longer true. The material we use today is significantly stronger, and more durable, we even use it to repair molars.

Composite is a blend of quartz and resin that together makes a superior hold. We are able to shade this material to match your neighboring teeth. Unlike amalgam, or silver fillings, we do not need to remove any portion of the tooth to make it stick. Composite will bond right to the surface of your tooth. We can sculpt the putty like material into the desired shape and then polish and smooth it to perfection.

Our patients love this simple restorative procedure because it:
•  We can cover front teeth that have been chipped or cracked.
•  We can fill in gaps, especially between your two front teeth, without the use of braces.
•  We can cover up teeth that have been discolored or are stained.
•  We can make teeth appear more proportional with bonding by lengthening.
•  We can protect a tooth's root that has been exposed from gum disease or receding gums.

How does bonding work?

Dr. S. Welton or Dr. D. Welton begin the process by preparing the tooth. Preparing for bonding is generally not thought of as being painful, most patients do not require any sort of anesthetic. One of our dentists will lightly etch the surface of the tooth to rough it up a bit, they will then apply a conditioning bonding liquid which will help the material bond firmly. Once the liquid sets, we will then apply a plastic resin that can be sculpted into the desired shape by our dentist. After the material has set, we can then trim, smooth and polish the material to a beautiful, natural appearance.


Dental bonding is an excellent repair, and significantly less cost that other restorations. Patients also love that bonding can often be completed in a single office visit. However, composite material is not as strong as your natural tooth enamel, it is prone to staining, chipping or breaking easier than your natural teeth. Though bonding is very durable, it typically lasts three to five years before need of repair. Other options such as crowns and veneers are frequently more durable.

For more information on dental bonding and placing composite material to repair damaged teeth, contact our dentists, Sunnshine M. Welton DDS and David G. Welton DDS, at our Post Falls, ID 83854 office by contacting our front office at: (208) 254-4600

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