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Bruxism looks like this! It's grinding teethBruxism is a dental term applied to the condition of grinding or clenching your teeth, often done unconsciously, while you sleep. This is a common oral health disorder that can be very destructive to your teeth. At Woodland Family Dental, we can repair any harm done and assist in alleviating future damage. We find that patients are often unaware that they have this condition, but the effects can be clear, and there are symptoms you can look for. Our dentists, Dr. Sunnshine Welton and Dr. David Welton, can help diagnose, treat, and discuss the symptoms with you.

How can the dentist spot signs that I have bruxism?

Bruxism can cause considerable damage to your teeth. During your exam, we may spot the signs. Patients may have:
•  Single or multiple teeth that are cracked or fractured. Patients can cause breakage to their teeth from clenching. The fractures may be large or multiple hairlines fractures. This can be both painful and allow passage for decay causing bacteria inside the tooth.
•  Single or multiple teeth that are ground down or flattened due to grinding. Patients can essentially sand down their teeth by grinding them together, this will wear down the ridges that you teeth naturally have for chewing.

How can I spot the signs of bruxism?

There are signs that you can spot that may indicate that you have been unconsciously clenching or grinding your teeth. Bruxism can frequently cause significant stress to other areas of your facial region, because of this, patients can feel tension in their jaws, especially in the joints; they can experience ear pain or aches; and some patients can even suffer migraines. If you are waking up from sleep to a tight jaw that is aching, or are suddenly experiencing unusual ear or head pain, contact Woodland Family Dentistry for an evaluation. There are steps we can take to help.

Why am I grinding my teeth?

There are multiple reasons that you may be unconsciously grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep. Studies have indicated that some of the most common reasons include, depression issues, patients who suffer from eating disorders, going through a period of intense anxiety or stress. Most people experience moments of depression or stress during different times of their lives, helping make this disorder so common.

Treatment Options

There is no one cure for bruxism, as the reasons and symptoms can vary. But, there are options, including services and devices available from our office that can help. Our doctors, Dr. S. Melton and Dr. D. Melton, are happy to discuss these options with you. Two of our most common devices include creating a customized mouthguard, designed to fit your mouth, and the NTI-tss Device. We are happy to go into more depth with you on how this can assist in keeping your teeth safe.

Once the patient has their grinding and clenching under control, we can help with any restoration work that is needed. For more information on bruxism, and the services that we offer, contact our dentists, Sunnshine M. Welton DDS and David G. Welton DDS, at our Post Falls, ID 83854 office by contacting our front office at: (208) 254-4600

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