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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer ribbon picture closeupScreening for oral cancer is important. Through the use of a dental professional that can run the necessary tests, you’re better able to know whether or not oral cancer is a possibility. There are also signs and symptoms that you should be aware of. Remember, this should always be something that is done through a dental professional and never diagnosed on your own.

Having the proper cancer screenings done is essential for not only oral health, but overall health.

Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancers

These signs and symptoms can be noted when it comes to being screened for oral cancers. Sometimes they’re apparent and sometimes they’re not. If you find that you have any of these signs or symptoms, it is best to speak with a professional sooner, rather than later. Oral cancers can become much worse if left for too long.

•  White or red clumps of lesions inside the mouth
•  Pain or swelling in these areas
•  Feeling like there is a lump or something stuck in your throat
•  Numbness, pain or tenderness inside the mouth on the gums, teeth, lips or tongue
•  Ear pain, but without the loss of hearing
•  Having loose teeth without any other dental problems
•  A lingering sore throat or having a harsh feeling inside the throat or mouth
•  Dry mouth that will not go away

The Oral Cancer Screening Process

The oral cancer screening process is one of the easiest processes that can be done through a dental professional. It is where the professional looks in the mouth of the patient during a routine dental check up to look for lesions. These lesions can either be white or red, and are often clumped in sections around the mouth. Other symptoms, as mentioned above, can be noticeable when checking for these lesions in the mouth. Tests may need to be performed, such as mouth swabs, to test the cells in the mouth for the cancer cells if lesions are found.

Risk Factors of Having Oral Cancer

Oral cancers are much more common in those that are over the age of 40, but can sometimes happen in those that are younger. If a patient has a past or family history of oral cancers, they’re more likely to get cancer. Being in the sun for long periods of time can cause cancer on the lips. Those that have a deficiency in their diet, such as not getting enough fruits or vegetables are much more at risk for contracting oral cancers than others that have well-balanced diets.

You should always trust in a dental professional to do the oral cancer screening that needs to be done. If you find that you’re having issues, it is recommended that a professional run these tests. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to having the proper dental screenings performed on a regular basis.

Contact our offices here at Woodland Family Dental. We are more than happy to provide you with the screening that needs to be done, as well as many treatment options. We are here for you!

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