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Periodontal Health

Periodontal diagramWoodland Family Dental cares about your oral health, and one of the biggest issues that arises with your mouth is the presence of periodontal issues. In order to maintain the best smile, have the healthiest look and feel of your teeth, plus continue to have strong teeth, then routine maintenance and cleanings are required each and every year.

Periodontal Health Refers to the Health of Your Gums

Having healthy gums can ensure that you have healthy teeth. Without the use of the gums, your teeth are not going to be able to stay inside the mouth. This can cause further issues down the road. Through routine oral health care, the state of your gums can be checked into and treated, if necessary, for any conditions, problem areas or diseases that might have been found.


When the teeth are not properly cleaned and over time get build up on them from the plaque and bacteria, this can cause gingivitis to occur. It is a milder form of gum disease, and will make the gums bleed and become sore, inflamed and red. It, however, will not make you lose your teeth or the bone under your gums. If it is not cleared up by the proper dental hygiene habits though, it can turn into gum disease which can become much worse.


When gingivitis is not taken care of, the gums will eventually become even more so inflamed and create pockets in between one another. These pockets can allow bacteria to sit inside them and cause further issues. When plaque grows below the gum line, this then causes the body to try to fight the infection. This response breaks down the connective tissue and bone in the gums that help hold your teeth in place. This will eventually loosen the teeth and they will have to be removed.

Gum Disease

If you’ve gone through both of these processes, then you probably have gum disease. This is a condition that can only be diagnosed and treated through the help of a dental professional. A hygienist will have to try to remove most of the plaque and build up around the teeth, while the doctor would work at fixing any problem areas throughout the mouth on the teeth. Many sufferers of gum disease will have a treatment plan that they have to go through, and many end up with dentures within just a few years of getting the disease, or sooner.

This is why if you notice the issues, it is important to speak with a dental professional regarding the health and care of the teeth that you have. Dentures at a younger age can be embarrassing. Make sure you have the best dental help out there to clear it up.

Keep up with your routine dental checkups and health care through our professional dentists at Woodland Family Dental. We can provide you with the essentials needed to have healthier looking and feeling gums overall. Call us today at (208) 254-4600 to set up an appointment to speak with one of our qualified dentists in office.

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