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Porcelain Veneers

We can give you the smile you want in two dentist appointments. Having dental veneers placed can seem almost magical, you start with teeth that appear to be a mess and in two appointments you can have a perfect look. At Woodland Family Dental PC, our patients love the difference that veneers can make, and so will you. Our team, including Dr. David Welton and Dr. Sunnshine Welton, can answer your questions and show you what a difference veneers can make.

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain laminate veneers are customized to each patient to improve the look of any of your front teeth. It is a very thin ceramic shell that we bond to the face of your tooth. With your veneers, we can completely change the look of a single or multiple teeth, veneers can change the:

•  Shape:We can change the shape of your tooth. This is ideal for patients who have considered braces, but do not want the time involved in braces, we can give your teeth a straighter look.
•  Size:From teeth that are too small, to teeth that are too long, we can help your teeth be even with their neighboring teeth for that perfected look.
•  Gaps:We can close gaps, most often desired for gaps between your two front teeth.
•  Chips and Fractures:If you have chipped or broken one of your front teeth, we can cover the space with a dental veneer.
•  Color:Whether your teeth are badly stained from coffee, tobacco, medications or discolored due to fluorosis, we can cover that less desired color with a perfect look.

Porcelain Veneers Look Like Your Natural Teeth

Patients love the look of veneers because they are customized in color to blend discreetly in your mouth. No matter the lighting, inside or outside, your porcelain veneers are undetectable, they will be indistinguishable in your mouth from your other neighboring teeth.

The Placement of your Veneers

The placement of your dental ceramic veneers is mostly painless, some patients require a local anesthetic and some do not. We begin the process with discussing your needs and the look you are trying to achieve. With the end results in mind, we select the coloring that best suits your surrounding teeth. Then, Dr. David Welton or Dr. Sunnshine Welton will decrease the size of your original tooth to allow room for the placement of your crown. Because this process requires the removal of some of the original tooth structure, approximately 0.5 mm of tooth, porcelain veneers are not considered a reversible form of treatment. This is typical for the placement of veneers. In most situations, we also find it necessary to etch the surface of the tooth to allow for a strong bond. We will place temporary veneers while your customized permanent ones are being created.

With your permanent veneers ready, we then bond the veneer to the prepared tooth with a specialized bonding cement. Your ceramic veneers are very strong, and should withstand normal chewing pressure without incident. In most situations, your veneer should last you many years.

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