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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry at Woodland Family Dental keeps these boys smiling.Preventative care refers to the overall care and maintenance that you do on your teeth to keep them in the best shape possible. Without the proper care, teeth can cause numerous health conditions and problems. They can fall out, become painful or start diseases and conditions. Bacteria lives in the mouth and without routine cleanings, regular maintenance and checkups; these bacteria can cause many different problems.

Preventative dentistry is the practice that will take care of your teeth in order to keep them the healthiest that they can possibly be. You need to visit a dentist regularly to avoid gum disease, enamel wear, cavities and so many other issues. In addition to visiting the dentist when you’re supposed to, practicing daily oral hygiene habits is also a great way to provide preventative dentistry care inside the home when between dental visits.

Learn about the many types of preventative dental care procedures you can have done within the dental office to ensure that you have the proper dental care.

> Cleanings, Exams and X-Rays (Radiography)

Cleanings, exams and X-rays are the most common type of preventative care that is given to those that come into the office. This is to clean the teeth completely of any and all plaque and bacteria that might be hiding. In addition to this, the exam and X-rays are able to show the dentist if there are problems lying under or inside the teeth. If there are problems noticed, the proper treatment actions can then be taken.

> Oral Cancer Screening

When the dentist performs the exam, an oral cancer screening can be done during this time. This screening is quick, since it is just a sweep and look inside your mouth for the many indicators of oral cancer in a patient.

> Periodontal Health

Gum disease is a real thing, and if you’re not careful; the bacteria can cause a lot of harm inside the mouth. Cleaning the teeth, assessing the situation and then finding an appropriate treatment plan will be needed to ensure that the teeth continue to stay in the best possible shape.

> Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring and sleep apnea can sometimes deal with the teeth and mouth of the person that is doing it. By having a thorough examination done through a qualified dental professional, they can fit you with the proper sleeping tools to ensure that you get a more comfortable night’s rest.

> Bruxism

This is known as grinding teeth while sleeping. A mouth guard can be formed specifically for the person’s mouth so that further damage to the teeth is not something done. This mouth guard is able to reduce the chances of broken or chipped down teeth.

> Sealants

Sealants are important, especially in younger patients, to ensure that a small hole inside the tooth does not become a larger one. These are a quick, in office procedure that can easily be done to cover any problem areas you’re having.

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