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Dental Sealants

woman recieving dental sealantWe can protect the teeth that are most susceptible to decay with the placement of dental sealants. At Woodland Family Dental, we understand that the healthier your teeth stay, the longer you will have them. Teeth that have been damaged with caries, or cavities, are weakened, and though they can be restored, prevention is always the best option. Our team, including Dr. S. Welton and Dr. D. Welton, can you keep a healthy mouth with dental sealants.

Information about sealants

Dental sealants are a simple product that takes the keen professional application of a trustworthy dentist, to ensure it’s applied correctly, like those at Woodland Family Dental. Your teeth have many nooks and crannies that food can get stuck in. Some patients, including all of our pediatric, or minor age patients, are unable to always successfully remove this food debris where it can then remain and cause decay. Studies have shown that children who have sealants placed have a considerably larger chance of not developing cavities, in fact, more and more we are seeing children reach adulthood without ever having a cavity.

Sealants are a liquid plastic material that is painted onto the areas where cavities occur most often. This material is durable and should last about five years. Placing the sealant material is a painless process that does require a certain amount of precision. The most important step to this process is ensuring that there is not bacteria present at the time of sealing the tooth. An all too common mistake of a dentist who is negligent is sealing in decay-causing bacteria along with the tooth. Sealing your teeth with bacteria present can have severely damaging effects for your tooth that may not be discovered for years.

Sealants seal your tooth, placing a barrier between your tooth and the food particles in your mouth. This protects your tooth from decay and the problems that come with decay. We believe that if we can protect your children from early damage to their molars, we can help them have healthier, stronger teeth for years to come. Studies conducted and then posted with the American Dental Association tell us that 90% of caries, or cavities, are on the biting surfaces of molars. With the placement of dental sealants, there has been a rough estimate of a 60% reduction of caries, if all sealants were placed correctly, this number would be even higher. We want to protect your children’s teeth through their growing years, when they are still learning good oral hygiene habits, with the placement of dental sealants.

Who can get sealants?

Dental sealants are available to all of our patients, but most often recommended for:
•  Our child age patients who have most of their permanent, or adult, back molars.
•  Our adult patients who have had chronic problems with decay and the development of cavities.

For more information on preventative care, and the placement of dental sealants, contact our dentists, Sunnshine M. Welton DDS and David G. Welton DDS, at our Post Falls, ID 83854 office by contacting our front office at: (208) 254-4600

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